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3 more days

underneath.jpgThere are 3 days left until the final gig this year.
I'm starting to get nervous.

Please check out our goods which I designed.

The photo on the top page was changed new one!
but the one taken before I dyed my hair red.

Also, we've started the countdown to the gig on the top page,
but just 3 more days left......


MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008 feat. hide Birthday Party finished!

081213_mlj.jpgAlthough we've played at MLJ so many times (the first time as "the Underneath),

it was such a marvelous event this year too, included the after party.

Don't you think it's wonderful that everyone joined together?

We played the same 4 songs as at hide memorial summit for this event.


I really enjoyed.

The next show is on the 27th. It's our final show in 2008.

Get together at SHINJUKU LOFT!



081112_toc.jpgI went to Shinkiba Studio Coast to see the final day of Taste of Chaos 2008.
Every band was so cool.

There are lots of things to remember, but too many, so I couldn't write them.
Welcome Back, MUCC!

I met up again with a stage manager who was so good to us during the US tour.
We were so glad to see again, but I couldn't understand English,
so I was so sorry it was difficult for us to talk. I must study English harder.

It's a gig today.
Get crazy, everyone! especially in front of me!


"ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #003 #004" finished!

Sorry for not writing sooner, D'ERLANGER presents "ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #003 #004" finished!

We played just 4 songs in Osaka, but I think we all could do a spirited show.

D'ERLANGER must be one of the bands which influenced me in the early period of my music career.
When they got back together in 2007, I went to see their gig in Hibiya Yaon,
but when it was decided that we could play with them, I was so pleased.
I could spend the time with them and learn lots of things and reset myself.
Moreover, it's a great honor to cover my favorite song, "LA VIE EN ROSE"
And the members of D'ERLANGER were so friendly to us, so I feel grateful to them!

If we have the chance, I hope to play with them again.

We could feel as if it was a short tour in Hakata and Osaka, so It was such amazing 3days for us.
Thank you for coming to see us!

Next gig will be on 13th.
Come together to Yokohama BAYSIS!



081108_logos1.jpgThis is Logos.

We came here for the first time in many years,
but I don't have a feeling.

We got to Hakata last night and went out for a drink with D'ERLANGER.
We had a great time with them, so we can play a good gig today.

Our show is in several hours.
I can't wait!


"NEVER MIND 10th Anniversary Vol.3" has been finished!

JISYUBAN CLUB celebrated its 10th anniversary like BEAT SHUFFLE. In addition, MC was also Mr. Noboru Yamamoto and his funny talk hasn't changed.

Thank you so much, the staff and the artists!
It's been a long from 11am when we got to the venue to 9pm when we were on...
but we played as a final act and the show was so exciting.
Thank you, the audience!

Today MIYA from MUCC who has just come back from Taste of Chaos International
came to see us and talked about the tour.
I was relieved that his tention hadn't changed. haha

Tomorrow we're going to Fukuoka. It's been a while since we went there.
but by car......

It'll take much longer to Fukuoka than today's waiting time.
We can go to USA by airplane, can't we?

However, we may be get excited in the car from beginning to end,
so we'll quickly get there.
See you later.



081106_west1.jpgWe have to wait longer when it's not one-man gig,
so I brought my PC and did some recordings in the dressing room today.

I had taken a photo with RYU-chan from DOREMIDAN.
In fact, we've known each other for a long time.
From now, DOREMIDAN's stage's gonna start!



nevermind_flyer.jpgToday we'll play at JISYUBAN CLUB's organized event,
" NEVER MIND10th Anniversary Vol.3".
It's the final day at Shibuya O-WEST.
So come to see us!


The event of FM Nack5 "BEAT SHUFFLE" has been finished!

The event of FM Nack5 "BEAT SHUFFLE" has been finished!

"BEAT SHUFFLE" has been good to us for ages.
As TAKA wrote up on his blog, we're so glad that we played in this event.

It was so nice to play at AX for the first time in many years.
The structure of this venue was also wonderful.
All the other bands were so cool that I was inspired by them.
The audience was also excited from beginning to end, so it was such an amazing event.

Our next gig will be on the 6th. Let's come together at Shibuya O-WEST!


Birthday ..

By the way, it was Kiyoharu san's 40th birthday yesterday.
Sorry to be late, Happy Birthday!!
We couldn't go to see the gig, but we sent a flower to him.
KUROYUME will do a final performance next year, so we must be excited.

Tomorrow we'll have a gig.


G-ROCK STYLE Finished!

with GORI
Mr. GORI from Band-Aid's organized event finished!

(He's working for this company, Band-Aid which has been good to us.)

It was so nice to play at our familiar venue.
We could enjoy playing and the fans got excited, so it was a wonderful gig!

A present for GORI from the Underneath was a pink G-SHOCK.
It sure looks good on him, doesn't it?


Bands Shock REVOLUTION'08 Finished!

Our 1st gig in Osaka has been finished!

It was so hard for both of the artists and the staff to play in the open during the rain,
but we were lucky because it stopped raining when we were on.
I thought it might be good to play in the rain.

There were full of the artists in the backstage, so I met lots of the members for the first time in many years, so I thought these kind of events were great.

We'll play at OSAKA MUSE on 28th for Mr. GORI's anniversary who is one of staff of Bands Aid and also MC in this event, so let's get together, everyone!



081024_masato.jpgI had been stop-at-home for a while, but next gig will be coming soon.
I'm looking forward to it because we'll play with some bands we can meet for the first time in many years.

Get together in Osaka, everyone! <3



I'm sorry I haven't written recently. It's MASATO.
The longer making songs continues, the less things to write I have.
However, we're progressing steadily.

I went to see D'ESPAIRSRAY'S's gig the other day .
Today I went to NIPPON SEINENKAN to see KIYOHARU san's show.
Gig is lots of fun, both to do and to see!

It's been a while since I saw KIYOHARU san. He has an attractive aura about and is so cool.

Today I also saw a recording engineer, Mr. Shindo who's been so good to us.
I was glad to see him and felt nostalgic at the same time.


"New Dark Ages" has been finished!

Sorry I haven't written the message. "CLUB CITTA' 20th Anniversary New Dark Ages" on the 2nd day at CITTA' has been finished!

Thank you for coming in the rain that day, too.

I was up on stage with greater enthusiasm than previous day and the audience also got fired up, so it was a wonderful gig like we struck sparks off each other.

It'll be so nice if we can go on a tour, so I'll make next songs with such a desire.


"MANATSU no HAKKEI Final special" has been finished!

heidi's organized event "MANATSU no HAKKEI Final special" has been finished! Thank you for coming in the rain.

CITTA' is such a wonderful venue!
So we'll do a performance at CITTA' today, too.
See you later.


Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe1
Hard Rock Cafe2
Hard Rock Cafe3
We went to Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore the other day.

We also visited there in Denver on the first day during the tour of RTOC.
Well, I also went there in Nashville and New Orleans many years ago and
I've been there in Osaka, Nagoya and Roppongi in Japan.
I thought how many shops there are in total and checked it.
There are loads of shops in the world, especially around the US.

When I was a student, I was so hooked on Hard Rock Cafe that I visited there
in Osaka many times.
So I'm very proud that the UNDERNEATH presented our costumes and instruments which we used
during RTOC to Hard Rock Cafe and those are displayed at some shop in the US.

In Baltimore, the store manager (on the left in the pic) was really good to us, so
I wish I would tell that to the little kid, MASATO.


Movie of OTAKON

I put the movie of OTAKON on the Web.

I'm afraid sound and video quality are not so good, but enjoy the atmosphere!

more "Movie of OTAKON" »


OTAKON2008 finished

A day has passed after we came back home.

Thank you so much, DaizyStripper, MarBell, all the staff accompanying this event, and JAM Project!
The time has gone by so fast these 5 days.
If I was allowed to wish so much, I want to walk around the venue and visit much more booths,
but we were busy during the event, so that's OK.

which I loved so much had a gig at Virgin FESTIVAL in Baltimore on 9th and 10th , but I couldn't go there, of course.
I was so disappointed, but you know I was no choice.

I'm going to put the movie of OTAKON on the Web later.


On the 3rd day in Baltimore

We had a rehearsal in the morning today too.

The show started in the early afternoon.

Every show was exciting, so I thought it might be different today than usual.
Since the audience called "The UNDERNEATH" before our SE was played,
we got excited at the wing of the stage.
An hour-long gig was so hot from beginning to end.

After that, OTAKON2008 was closed.
I was surprised Japanese culture became so popular in the US through these 3 days.

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