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To all our fans...

We, the Underneath, broke up at the final performance in Shibuya on May 3rd,

However our music will be keeping alive and we are always underneath the
same sky.

We really appreciate a lot of love and supporting you gave us.

Thank you so much.

TAKA   the Underneath


A piece of good news.

A Japanese edition of our album "MOON FLOWER" which has been
already released in the USA will come out in Japan soon.

This includes a extra track and we did mix and mastering again.
Additionally, it comes with a DVD containing films of our gig at LA during
the tour of RTOC.
And, this rare edition will be released at the venue of OTAKON 2008 in

You really must have it!


THE UNDERNEATH first live 2008 in Japan "MOON FLOWER"


We've finished THE UNDERNEATH first live 2008 in Japan "MOON FLOWER".

I was so pleased that we finally could give a real performance as THE UNDERNEATH in front of you.

I was little bit nervous about the audience's reaction because we haven't released an album yet,

but there was no need to worry. I was so happy that I could see your smile. Thank you!

Standing on points, there are load of reflection and improvement, but we could be delighted and impressed and

also obtain the benefit. Now this is what I call the "gig", I think. If people who came to our show enjoyed it, I'm so pleased.

As I told you during the show, we've just started, but I want to involve more people and make a great impression on them.

It has only begun!

I really appreciate everyone that support us and also that wanted to come to our show but couldn't.

Thank you!




ムック.gifLast night I went to see MUCC's gig at SHIBUYA-AX.

During the tour of RTOC, we played next MUCC, so we finished to get ready for our show and
saw them from the side of the stage every time.
I was so excited to hear the songs which I heard during the tour.
The song "LIBRA" which they played for the last every time is one of songs that I'm emotionally attached to.

It was the first time for me to see their one man live, so there were a few songs which I didn't know,
but every song was so nice. I was fascinated with their world.
Their performance, lighting, and sounds were absolutely wonderful.
I hope I can see their gig again.



BFMV@Zepp Tokyo

b4mv.gifI went to Zepp Tokyo to see " BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE".
Of course, their show was powerful and great.

When I was watching them, I suddenly thought back to the days of American

After the show, when we went through the side of the stage to visit the
we met up again with the stage crew and hugged.
At the back stage, I was so glad that the members of " BULLET FOR MY
welcomed us with a smile in spite of right after the show.
It is amazing that we can meet up again in Japan, isn't it?

I hope we can play together again one day!




CIMG1459.gifThis is TAKA.

I’m getting ready for our one man gig every day.

Recently we had a meeting about new songs, bringing demos.

If you'll excuse the expression, our album hasn’t been released in Japan
yet, but I’m looking forward to it already,

cos the American tour will make us new “The Underneath” .

As you already know, please check our official myspace, and you can listen
to some songs from our album released in America.

Until last month we performed almost every day, so I really wanna have a

We'll make our 1st one man live successful and try to go on a tour as soon
as possible.

This picture was taken at the tour of RTOC.

During the tour, I brought a camera all the time and took hundreds of
photos, but there are few pictures of "me".

Well, see you later.



Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour 2008 finished

ending200.gifSorry I couldn't write sooner, I've come back from US safely.

The tour of RTOC 2008 was really awesome.
From Denver where we started as "the Underneath" to Seattle, the final,
we went on a tour of one and half months, 34 shows in total.
It was the most amazing experience for us in our music career.
I thought it was such a long tour before I went to the US,
but once it actually started, it flashed by.
Of course, we gave a best performance at each show.

During the tour, the relationship with many people made me feel
lots of things and also changed my values.
It reminded me that America was wonderful, Rock was great and also
Japan was so amazing.
We haven't sorted out what we've experienced, what we've felt and what we've

gained through this tour yet.
However, our music will be greatly affected by them.

Now, I am deeply grateful to all of the staff, the artists, the audience,
and also all the people who support us in Japan.

Our journey as "the Underneath" is just getting started!!

TAKA   The Underneath


Mike from idiot pilot

080405_taka.jpgThis is mike. He is a band called Idiot Pilot who is currently on tour with us. This picture was taken today in San Antonio Texas before our show, and i just wanted to share with you guys a little bit about him. Just about every day that i see mike, he is always in a great mood, smiling, and at times skating around the venues. Performance wise, he is pretty much a wild card on stage, you never know what he will do next. Since we play in the same stage, i get to often check out their show's and rarely is there a dull moment with this guy. Anyways, i am very happy to have met him and that our bands are sharing a stage. Much respect to Idiot Pilot.



Venue in Dallas

dalas_venue.jpgToday's Venue in Dallas(nokia theater) is extremely large and beautiful. Also, the B stage was considerably large, which makes it easier for us to have room to do what we do. The atmosphere of the place was almost like a large movie theater and we were the film playing. Also, before the show, i got a chance to walk out in the audience area, to take a brief look from the audience perspective, and the view was AMAZING!! If we could perform at venue's such as these on a daily basis, i would be very very happy. Thank you all who came out, and thank you for your undying support.







080318_taka.jpgToday is a great day for us!!!

Our first album was released today!!!




It's a beautiful hall !

TAKA The Underneath



080305TAKA.jpgWe eat brunch with all the artists and staff in the hall every day.


We are ready to go to U.S.

We are ready to go to U.S.

Are you ready to join "Rockstar Taste of Chaos" ?

I'm looking forward to see you soon.

Let's have a fun !

Taka The Underneath