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American Syndrome has been finished!

american.S.jpgIt's kind of sad that a final gig of TOC was finally finished,

but it was the best event which I've ever had in my music career.

There were lots of familiar people in the venue, so it was like a homeground
to us.

At the backstage, there were the products which remind us the US tour, so

I really appreciate all of the staff who worked so hard for us.

We'll try hard not to stop!

Next show will be in Nagoya.

We've been improved than before, so please come and see us !


Now all we have to do is LIVE

lastrh.jpgWe finished the final rehearsal and we're gonna take a rest, but we have to
be nervous.

Lots of meetings have done, so we'll do nothing but get excited!

Our first one man gig as "the Underneath". Definitely, we'll make it!

Let's go crazy, everybody!


Oh, god of "guitar".

Please forgive my partner who had a sacred guitar as a bat.


San Antonio,Texas

080405_tal.jpgI had a lot of fun at the show today.
The fans were very excited and I really enjoyed it.
I've been feeling it's so much fun to do shows in the US.
It's too bad that we only have a few more shows left on this tour..




Today's show was in Biloxi Mississippi and it was incredibly fun. I want to thank all the people who came out to the show, and for all the support the crowd has shown us. Also, our signing went really well. We were able to meet with some fans, which is always enjoyable and overall, we had a great time with that as well. As always, i want to thank all of you who came out and we really enjoyed being here. Many Thanks!




080322_tal.jpgToday's venue had very good atmosphere. Also, today's show was sold out, which is great to see. The only bad thing was that the venue was very very hot, but still, we rocked the house, and got a great response. Tomorrow is our day off, so we are driving to do the south leg of the tour, which will be nice, because of the nice warm weather. I am in good spirits, and having a blast!!! Thank You to all our friends, fans and staff & crew from the taste of chaos. Arigato

I am peak form.



080315_tal.jpgToday's audience was very excited.
My waist that had been hurt improved a little, and now I feel relieved.
I wish the next show succeeds.



080308_hall.jpgI am happy to do a liveshow in Detroit.
Also today,The audience was very excited.
The United States is very good.



080301_all.jpgI could capture the good feel to enjoy the tour tonight, the second venue.
Feel so groovy. I do all the best to conquer the other bands there.
I am so exciting to see you at next city.