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get ready for recording

090110_masaki.jpgI train with a tetsu stick of D'ERLANGER


Back in Japan

Back in Japan

We came back last night safely.

The show was so exciting that we're really happy.

In Japan, we'll do a gig at TOWER RECORDS next week.

Let's rock together!



Our first album has come out today!

Let's run out and buy it, everybody!



I'm feeling fine and excited about tomorrow

because there is little bit change of a set list!

I'll play drums loudly, so see you guys tomorrow!



It's so hot like midsummer.
Has rainy season already begun or finished?
I went out for getting exercise today.
It's not so cool if I suffer from the summer heat, isn't it?
Our album will be released at the end of this month, so I hope we'll be busy.


1st one man

Thank you for yesterday, everyone!
Lots of people didn't know our new songs yet, but I appreciate you
that we did such a good performance together,
Our schedule of gigs has fixed, so please support us!


First one man gig

Is finally coming tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to it!
I'll do the best performance to make everyone enjoy the show!


memorial day

Today I went to hide's film gig.
I wanted to tell him about our tour in the US and our future work.
It was the first time for me to see his film gig. I'm so glad to see it.
His amazing music is still shining even if time has passed by.
We'll try to be such a great artist as hide.

On the 4th of May, it's our first gig in Japan. We'll enjoy it!


El Paso , TEXAS

080406_masaki.jpgSo today we are in El Paso Texas where the weather was great. Just outside our venue, i can see the mountains of mexico, which i have never seen before. Tonight's show was incredible.
The crowd was really enjoying the show, and as always, when the audience enjoys the show, it makes it easy for us to feed of their vibe. So tomorrow, we will be off in Arizona, so it will be nice to rest and do other things such as skydiving. Tomorrow all the members in The Underneath and Miya from MUCC will be heading out do some skydiving, so we will see how that goes!!!
Also, we will take lots of pictures for everyone to see, so check back with us to see our skydiving adventures. I want to thank everyone who came out to the El Paso Show and all the people we met at our singing, we truly appreciate your love and support.
Many Thanks!!!




Today's show in miami has been a blast.
Before the show, i attended the meet and greet and which was also a lot of fun because of the people i get to meet. Also, today was the first time i've played outdoors, and with today being such a beautiful day with clear skies, and great weather, it made it all the more better.
Hopefully, next time we come to america we will play in miami, for it has been a great experience, just as the whole taste of chaos has been.
Last i want to thank the everyone who came out and heard us play, we are extremely grateful.....



080320_masaki.jpgToday, we are in New York , where the wind was a very strong today.
The tour has approached the middle and we have been able to make friends with other artists, staff, and communications. It is very good times.
the live show has improved tremendously, and we
want to keep the energy up for another month.



080313_masaki.jpgIt was live the tenth, and NORFOLK today.
The climate spent easily very much and was warm.
...pleasant the show and it is possible to do and highest...
Thank you.  NORFOLK!!


St. Louis

080305_masaki.jpgIt is the fifth tour day. The trouble of live of yesterday was canceled. However, another problem occurred. It is regrettable. However, the highest stage was able to be made with the audience.
Thank you!! St. Louis!!