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El Paso , TEXAS

080406_masaki.jpgSo today we are in El Paso Texas where the weather was great. Just outside our venue, i can see the mountains of mexico, which i have never seen before. Tonight's show was incredible.
The crowd was really enjoying the show, and as always, when the audience enjoys the show, it makes it easy for us to feed of their vibe. So tomorrow, we will be off in Arizona, so it will be nice to rest and do other things such as skydiving. Tomorrow all the members in The Underneath and Miya from MUCC will be heading out do some skydiving, so we will see how that goes!!!
Also, we will take lots of pictures for everyone to see, so check back with us to see our skydiving adventures. I want to thank everyone who came out to the El Paso Show and all the people we met at our singing, we truly appreciate your love and support.
Many Thanks!!!