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The hottest summer in the world

Today I went to Shimokitazawa to see a one-man gig of AGE of PUNK headed by ASAKI who is my master of Rock.

They were so cooking, so I thought "This is PUNK!!"

After the show, I visited the backstage and chatted with the other my masters of Rock.

Oh, my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was Ms Kanako Nakayama from ex. PRINCESS PRINCESS among them!!!!!!

You know PRINCESS PRINCESS, everyone?

What's more PRINCESS PRINCESS than "The hottest summer in the world"?

MASAKI went to their show when he was younger!

She talked to me very frankly, so I was so happy!!

Unfortunately, I had lots of things to do, so I couldn't go drinking after the show.

But I had the gall to take a picture with her!

Are you jealous of me?

So that's the photo!! ↓ (of course, with her permission)