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CIMG1459.gifThis is TAKA.

I’m getting ready for our one man gig every day.

Recently we had a meeting about new songs, bringing demos.

If you'll excuse the expression, our album hasn’t been released in Japan
yet, but I’m looking forward to it already,

cos the American tour will make us new “The Underneath” .

As you already know, please check our official myspace, and you can listen
to some songs from our album released in America.

Until last month we performed almost every day, so I really wanna have a

We'll make our 1st one man live successful and try to go on a tour as soon
as possible.

This picture was taken at the tour of RTOC.

During the tour, I brought a camera all the time and took hundreds of
photos, but there are few pictures of "me".

Well, see you later.