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THE UNDERNEATH first live 2008 in Japan "MOON FLOWER"


We've finished THE UNDERNEATH first live 2008 in Japan "MOON FLOWER".

I was so pleased that we finally could give a real performance as THE UNDERNEATH in front of you.

I was little bit nervous about the audience's reaction because we haven't released an album yet,

but there was no need to worry. I was so happy that I could see your smile. Thank you!

Standing on points, there are load of reflection and improvement, but we could be delighted and impressed and

also obtain the benefit. Now this is what I call the "gig", I think. If people who came to our show enjoyed it, I'm so pleased.

As I told you during the show, we've just started, but I want to involve more people and make a great impression on them.

It has only begun!

I really appreciate everyone that support us and also that wanted to come to our show but couldn't.

Thank you!