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Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour 2008 finished

ending200.gifSorry I couldn't write sooner, I've come back from US safely.

The tour of RTOC 2008 was really awesome.
From Denver where we started as "the Underneath" to Seattle, the final,
we went on a tour of one and half months, 34 shows in total.
It was the most amazing experience for us in our music career.
I thought it was such a long tour before I went to the US,
but once it actually started, it flashed by.
Of course, we gave a best performance at each show.

During the tour, the relationship with many people made me feel
lots of things and also changed my values.
It reminded me that America was wonderful, Rock was great and also
Japan was so amazing.
We haven't sorted out what we've experienced, what we've felt and what we've

gained through this tour yet.
However, our music will be greatly affected by them.

Now, I am deeply grateful to all of the staff, the artists, the audience,
and also all the people who support us in Japan.

Our journey as "the Underneath" is just getting started!!

TAKA   The Underneath