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"ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #003 #004" finished!

Sorry for not writing sooner, D'ERLANGER presents "ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #003 #004" finished!

We played just 4 songs in Osaka, but I think we all could do a spirited show.

D'ERLANGER must be one of the bands which influenced me in the early period of my music career.
When they got back together in 2007, I went to see their gig in Hibiya Yaon,
but when it was decided that we could play with them, I was so pleased.
I could spend the time with them and learn lots of things and reset myself.
Moreover, it's a great honor to cover my favorite song, "LA VIE EN ROSE"
And the members of D'ERLANGER were so friendly to us, so I feel grateful to them!

If we have the chance, I hope to play with them again.

We could feel as if it was a short tour in Hakata and Osaka, so It was such amazing 3days for us.
Thank you for coming to see us!

Next gig will be on 13th.
Come together to Yokohama BAYSIS!