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"NEVER MIND 10th Anniversary Vol.3" has been finished!

JISYUBAN CLUB celebrated its 10th anniversary like BEAT SHUFFLE. In addition, MC was also Mr. Noboru Yamamoto and his funny talk hasn't changed.

Thank you so much, the staff and the artists!
It's been a long from 11am when we got to the venue to 9pm when we were on...
but we played as a final act and the show was so exciting.
Thank you, the audience!

Today MIYA from MUCC who has just come back from Taste of Chaos International
came to see us and talked about the tour.
I was relieved that his tention hadn't changed. haha

Tomorrow we're going to Fukuoka. It's been a while since we went there.
but by car......

It'll take much longer to Fukuoka than today's waiting time.
We can go to USA by airplane, can't we?

However, we may be get excited in the car from beginning to end,
so we'll quickly get there.
See you later.