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5 more days

080608_masato.jpgWow, TIROL-CHOCO can be customized like this recently!

Well, we are in rehearsal right now and we've made various kind of new songs
which is from like a ballade to heavy ones. But actually, all songs are new ones.

You can listen our songs by here and there if you don't have our album released in US,
so please prepare before the one man gig.



080601_dray.jpgAfter the rehearsal, I went to AKASAKA BLITZ to see D'espairsRay.
TSUKASA changed his drum set to double bass drums, also SATOchi from MUCC did!
It's your turn, MASAKI???

Today the members all sang. I enjoyed their gig.



Recently TAKA did modeling for h.NAOTO on the magazine "Cure", and h.NAOTO does our costume coordination, so we went to see him for meeting and fitting.

I like his clothes personally and I often go to his shop, so I was so pleased to let him choose the costume for me.

He is from Hyogo, same as me, so we talked up a storm about the Chinese restaurant
near the Akashi Station. After that, we did a shoot.
More detail in next time!



080519_masato.jpgToday we went to see MUCC who went on a tour with us in the US at SHIBUYA-AX!

During the tour of RTOC, they played before us, so I haven't seen their performance
only from behind the stage. However, I could watch them throughout the show.

Girls with short-pants and T-Shirts rolled over the audience.
I thought MUCC was such a nice band, and the audience also really enjoyed the gig.

The Underneath haven't had its own performance yet, so I don't know how it's going,
but I hope we can unite our hearts with the audience at the next show.



Today we went to see B4MV who went on a tour with us in the US at ZEPP TOKYO! During the tour of RTOC, they played next us, so I didn't have enough chance to see their performance. However, I could watch them throughout the show. They were fucking cool! Heavy Metal has an enormous power, isn't it? With Matt in this picture.

One more month

080511_masato.jpgIt was a week ago, I went to see our friend "everset" 's comeback gig with TAKA & RYO on the next day of "hide memorial summit" and we appeared on stage at an encore. TAKA sang as if it was our own song. haha

Although we played at the huge venues recently, you know, it is so nice at a live house because we can hear the loud sound to the back of it.
I could feel the kicks of drum in my stomach.

One more month until our 1st one man live.
I'm strumming the blue five-string bass to write new songs, imagining lots of things.


The 2nd day of hide memorial summit

080504_un.jpgThe 2nd day of hide memorial summit has finished!

It was our 1st show in Japan yesterday.
I am so proud to be part of this wonderful event.

I saw the various bands for the past 2 days.
I was really impressed that we all felt the same way as the fans did
and also I was deeply-moved by the show of X.

I never expected we would be up on stage with "MUTEKI" flag
at the final song, "X". hahaha

Every time we give our whole mind to this memorial event,
but this year became an unforgettably amazing night!




So today we are in Long Beach, California. The venue, the Long Beach Arena is by far the biggest venue we have played in the whole Taste Of Chaos tour, and above all, it was a very important show for us.
It just so happens, that this particular show was being filmed, so just about everywhere i looked, there were film cameras on us, which makes it a little nerve racking to play, but nevertheless, we had a great time playing this show.
So after the show, we ended up going to our autograph signing, and much to my surprise, we had a lot of people attending the signing, which makes us in the underneath very very excited.

On one last note, we had a special guest who joined us at the show.
His name is Mr. Yoshiki from the band X-Japan, and he came out to our dressing room after the show.
Mr Yoshiki is very well known in Japan, and much respected as a musician, so it was an honor to get to chat with him and even bring up the story of hide memorial summit.

So next is our day off in San Jose and then the following day we have a our show here in San Jose. We only have 3 more shows after this, and then its back to Japan for us. This has been an amazing tour, and as always, i want to thank all the people who have made this an amazing experience for us.

Many Thanks!!!



So, here we are,Las Vegas Nevada, Sin City, the home of where everything that happens here, stay's here. So today, we arrived at the palms, which i am guessing is a play boy casino/hotel since there happens to be a huge playboy sign on the outside of the hotel.Anyways, as i enter the venue, i noticed that the stage area was not very big, but the venue itself looked amazing.

So yeah, another thing about this show, is that Avenged Sevenfold was not on the bill for tonight's show, so i'm sure that bummed a lot of people,still, i think the audience had a great time.

So yeah, after the show was over, myself along with Tsukasa and members of D'espairsray crew, visited a tourist attraction called, The Stratosphere. The View from the 108th Floor from the observatory was impressive.
I could see for miles and miles the city lights of Las Vegas Casinos and establishments, and so as you can see from the picture i took, it is certainly something to see if your ever in Las Vegas.

So another attraction i got to go to was a ride called the X scream, which was incredibly fun and also worth checking out, and so is the Big Shot, but unfortunately, there was not time to visit that ride, so maybe next time.
So here is a list of some of my highlights of our day in Vegas.

Here is the list in order by Pictures:

1: Our live show
2: Standing in front of the Venue
3:The view of Las Vegas from the Stratosphere
4: Hanging with Tsukasa of D'espairsRay
5: Finding this Key Ring with what is supposedly the character word for Love, but really, it means NOTHING!!! So if you see this.. don't buy it!!! hahahha



So today's show in Little Rock arkansas is outdoors and by the looks of it, it seemed like it was bound to be cancelled, but fortunately, just before the show, the rain had died down and all the bands proceeded to play.
By the time we had gone on stage, the rain was pretty much gone, but we still had to deal with the water dripping everywhere, and for a while, i was worried that my equipment would suffer water damage, but thankfully, that was not the case.
So what could have been a terrible day, filled with thunderstorms and even worse, could be cancelled, turn in to a great show, with exited fans and an amazing time.
As always, i want to thank everyone who have shown us support and who have been so gracious to come out and give our songs a chance, we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts, and i hope, that the next time we play little rock, that the only thunder that comes to visit is our own!!!!!
thank you



So last night, we left new york to head south, and on our way, we experienced bus problems that could not be immediately fixed, so we stayed behind from the caravan, while everyone went on. It is nice to leave the cold new york weather behind, and although, georgia is much warmer, it is still a little too cold for me.
So as it stands, the underneath bus is broken and we have to switch buses tomorrow, because this one nearly made us be late to our show.
So tonight, we played in duluth georgia and as we arrived, i saw the lines of people who were filing in to come see the show, and so as soon as we pulled in, we pretty much ran in, all ready to go, with make up and hair done to make our performance. Anyways, as worried as i was, i am glad we made it on time enough to perform for some great people, we truly enjoyed!!!!
Thank you !

PICT1 : Today's venue & The Underneath Bus
PICT2 : waiting...
PICT3 : with SATOchi(MUCC)



080317_masato.jpgIt was a show today at a place called "GMU PATROIT CENTER" of FAIRFAX located near Washington, Virginia.
It seems to have been a hall used well in the basketball game.
I'm happy because a lot of fans have awesome power!


Finish Milwaukee!!

080302_masato.jpgSince we will have 38 lives during the OTC tour, I was expecting some kinds of troubles, but only the third day of tour, there was sound problems…..
I was bit worried but other members got through the situation, and finished the live!


Just a bit more!

masato_gt.jpgWe have had practices and rehearsals many times, and now we are ready for the TOC tour. I like to see how much an obscure band like us can do in the North American tour, and we’re really looking forward to it!!


Rochester , NY

080310_masato.jpgthe tour of TOC was carried by 15 giant touring buses and convoys trans USA continent. It looks so dramatic.

There is the lounge space beside the entrance, and we like to be there watch TV or just hung out with drinks.Over this space, there is big bed room with 12 beds. and one more lounge exsits at the tail of the car. This big vehicle is our house for 80days.

Tonight, we have 8th gig in Rochester,NY. We tour company includes D'spaires Ray,MUCC, other bands,and nice crews began to become friendly and at home.

We are looking forwads to keep on touring!

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