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On the 2nd day in Baltimore

Today we had a rehearsal in the morning. After that, a panel discussion was held. Some of the members from each band had a communication with fans, so TAKA attend it from the UNDERNEATH and he enjoyed it so much. I'll ask him to tell us what was so interesting on his blog later.

And then, there was another panel discussion with all members.
Fans asked us some questions and we answered them. We were excited with some funny answers.
After the discussion, we had an autograph session.
Our album of Japanese edition was released here, so I could see many people who got it this time.

There were lots of cosplayers in and around the venue today, too.
I took pictures with them around the venue.
It was interesting that everyone was posed like the character.

We took photos with all members and staff, and we went to a Thai restaurant.
It was the first time for me to eat a frog. It was like a chicken, but I ate just a little.

Tomorrow we'll have a gig!


On the 1st day in Baltimore

We left Japan in the morning on August 8th and arrived at Washington in the morning on August 8th. And then, we got to Baltimore by bus and had a meeting, shooting and so on.

This is a larger-scale event than we expected.
There are lots of people in the venue and we can also see lots of cosplayers all over the city, so it's amazing.

In the meantime, it was already at night.
I got drowsy, so I had a little sleep and got up.
Today we'll have a rehearsal, autograph session and so on, so we'll start to work in the morning.



shadow.jpgWe had taken many pictures the other day, so we'll change a new one.
Please check it!


In-store Event vol.3

I first went to ZEAL LINK.

This shop is on the back of a venue, CHELSEA HOTEL where we sometimes played, and the event space is nice and cozy.

At these events, we have to sit face to face with the audience, so we're a bit embarrassed.
However you might feel the same as us and especially the people in the front row take their eyes off,so we're rarely eye to eye.

You might think "So what?", but come to think of it, I dare to write it.

On this day, we played the acoustic version of "DEEP".
Some of our songs are suitable for the acoustic version, so I wanna play again if we have a chance.



真夏ノ八景@新宿ロフトIt's been a long time since we played here, but there is something good about this venue.
We've met heidi. several times, but it was the first time to face each other.
They were so nice.

It was filled with excitement in the venue, so really hot!
There was a trouble that I couldn't change clean tone,
however I'm so happy that everyone got excited because it was the first gig after the CD was released
and they might learn our songs.

We'll play again with heidi. at CLUB CITTA' on 30th of August, so come and see us!



h.NAOTOWe visited h.NAOTO for fitting after the rehearsal. you know we met him before.

Please wait until you can see our new photos soon!

We had a picture taken with Mr.NAOTO today.
By the way, in the photo, the men standing in the back row are our "popular" president(Left)
and our "popular" producer(Right).

Tomorrow we have a gig.... No, today actually.
Let's rock together!!


In-store Event vol.2

自主盤倶楽部We had an in-store event at Jishubanclub.
Thank you so much for gathering in spite of the hot weather!

This photo was taken with the store manager who hosted the event.

We'll do a gig in Shinjuku the day after tomorrow.
Let's get together, everyone!


In-store Event vol.1

Yesterday we appeared on live radio program of Nack5. It's been a while since we met a DJ, Mr. Asai. Recently we have lots of chances to meet people who' s been so good to us, but I'm so glad that they haven't changed.

As TAKA wrote on his blog, we went drinking for "RYO's birthday" after that.
We went out to karaoke with TSUKASA from D'espairsRay.
I realized that it was so fun to sing karaoke with TSUKASA.

Since I talked about DVD of the Drifters on the radio program, I got it as a present,
so I'm really enjoying it. It's so funny!

We have an in-store event at Jishubanclub tomorrow.
See you there!


Finally CD released!

I want lots of people to listen to our album. It doesn't matter if you hear by CD or by download.
You can hear a little bit of this album through DISCOGRAPHY of this site.
We have some in-store events, so please check it, both the people living near Tokyo and those who aren't.
You may listen to MASAKI's funny talk.

Today I went to see "V-kei TIMES" in Tokyo. (we played in Nagoya.)
I looked forward to meeting local friends, "Mix Speaker's Inc" and an old friend, "Mao from Sadie".
However every bands stirred themselves, so I was inspired by them.


HOT, isn't it?

The rainy season ended and now it's in midsummer. There's nothing like horror during the summer.

By the way, a new picture taken at the end of the show was put on the special Web site of American Syndrome.

Please check it if you were in front of the stage.
Oh, is there anybody who thought "Get out, Masato and the flag" ?


So, see ya!


V-kei Times NAGOYA Finished

Yesterday we played as a guest with our friend, D'espairsRay, and 12012 and 176BIZ that we first met.

I really enjoyed the show in Nagoya for the first time in 7 months!
(of course, the first time for the Underneath.)
You know, this was the first gig at E.L.L. in a while.
I wanna go to many places!

with Karyu after the show



080712_iphone.jpgThere were lots of people who had during the RTOC, so I was a little bit jealous.
Finally iPhone has been released!!

I went to an electric goods store immediately and touched it.
It's good, actually. So attractive.



I've got a sample of our album which is Japanese edition.

Actually I only have a sample of American edition,
so I'm glad to get Japanese one finally!
I hope lots of people will listen to it.

With feeling that way, we're staring a countdown of days until our album will be released.

By the way, we've changed a CD jacket which you can already see on web site or a flyer to our color, purple one.
So please forgive us because the false jacket came out.

See you!



video_monitor.jpgI got the video of "American Syndrome".
Everyone enjoyed it so much, so I think again it was an amazing event.
However, it makes me laugh when I watch the video.

←Sorry, you can't watch it if you click here. haha



Sorry, several days have passed after American Syndrome was finished. It was a lot of fun!

As TAL said, it was the best or the second best event for me in my music career. I was so pleased that we could play again with congenial companions who traveled together around the USA for one and a half month, and also I was so proud that 3 bands accomplished this event together.

I really appreciate MIYA from MUCC who negotiated staffs to realize this event, and also I want to say thank lots of staffs who worked hard for it and also the fans who supported us.

Of course, I know we can't do an event like this so often, but I want to get together and perform again.
I put some pictures on the web, so please remember the excitement if you were in the venue.
If not, please feel this atmosphere.



080613_un.jpgThank everyone that come to our gig!
Even if we played six new songs except from as-yet unreleased album,
you guys were cooking, so I think "TEAM UNDERNEATH" was pretty shrewd.

As I wrote yesterday, we've finally stood at the start line and it's start for us from now on.
We won't stop!


By the way,

We received this illustration. It's very much like us, so I put it on the WEB without permission.
It's so nice TAKA is holding the earth.
As you know, people who are good at drawing can draw well.
Painter who drew this picture, please let me know your technique some day.

Lots of the members of the music industry and musicians came to see our show and lots of flowers were sent to us, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them. Thank you so much!!


1 more day!

080612_logo.jpgHalf a year has passed since we stopped our career as "TRANSTIC NERVE" and
we started as "the Underneath".
The time has just flown by, but we spent some really good quality time.

At last, the time has come when we will do the best performance for the
people waiting for us.
It'll be so nice to listen avidly to our songs, but also it'll be so good to
get excited even if you don't know the songs.
Do as you like, everyone!


3 more days

The guitar which I always play was in bad electrical contact, so I took it apart after a long interval!

On the back of the pickguard, I could see a signature of the man who made
this guitar,
and also could see my sign when the neck was taken off.
I've played this guitar for ages, so I have an attachment to it again
when I saw the inside of it during maintenance and I remember the people who
worked hard for it.

I joined the broken part by soldering and polished it!

Today we had a rehearsal and it was in the final stage.
It'll be completed tomorrow.


4 more days

080609_tal.jpgThis is a back of TAL who looks the best in the UNDERNEATH's T-shirt.
His hair's become black. Actually he dyed it purple, but it turned black.

There was no rehearsal today, so I did "guitar battle" with TAL.