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We've finished the one man live and it had been a party after the show until morning, so I've dazed even now.

The next day, I woke up at 3pm because I was completely exhausted.

However I dragged my exhausted carcass with muscle pain and went for shopping to Shimokitazawa.

And processed the data of the new songs by computer.

By the way,

How many people could realize that I changed my new bass amplifier for this show?

I think there wasn't such a maniac people. Ha-ha.

The amp which I had used after I went to Tokyo was broken at the recording, and finally found this new amp.

It's the same manufacturer, but the model number is different and sound is also totally different.

At the after-party, ex my sound technician named D told me that my sound became better and he also advised me

that it would be better use this equipment, so I will renew my effects. I have to study much more.


I play all songs with fingers, but I play only the interlude of the song named "Womb is Planet" with a pick.

Finger picking is so nice for me. I'm pleased that someone tells me "your sound is good!" better than "you're good at playing the bass."

Next our show is "American Syndrome".

We plan this event to tell our excitement during the tour in USA to much more people, so please come to see the event!

See you then!



Today I went to SHIBUYA-AX to see MUCC. With D'espairsRay.

So I could see familiar faces at the back stage after the show. haha

It's cool, MUCC!!


The next stage with MUCC&D'espairsRay in Japan has been confirmed!

see u...




Well, I went to see BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE!!
It was such a loud sound...(+ω+) but it was such a great show.
After the gig, we met up again at the backstage.
I was so pleased cos every member was still the same.
Of course, with Jay in this picture.





It's been raining, so I'm belonging at home again. But it's so good cos I can get ahead with my work.

One more month until our 1st one man live.
I'm strumming the blue guitar to write new songs, imagining lots of things.


hide memorial summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more dream has come true.

Thank you, hide san!


hide memorial summit


I went to see the 1st day of hide menorial summit.
I was so impressed by it.
Tomorrow we'll have our 1st gig in Japan there.We"ll do a great show, so please expect our stage!



This is one of the photos which I found when I organized them.

This guy is a bassist, “Jay” from BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.
He visited our bus bringing booze almost every day.
I was highly-influenced by him because he tried to communicate with us, Japanese actively.
Also his bass is amazing, next to me! hahaha

MASAKI not there in the photo, because he fell asleep, maybe.





A week has passed after we came back to Japan.
I'm not jet-lagged and I'm working hard for writing songs every day.

I went to Junji's Band's(ex SIAM SHADE) gig recently.
Normally I play bass with them, but I was sorry I couldn't this time because
I went to US for RTOC.

It was a first time for me to see their gig as an audience.
Junji's Band was so interesting that I couldn't stop laughing.
Next time I do hope I'll play again with them.

Oh my god! I forgot to take pictures. sorry...



narita_ryo.jpgThe tour of RTOC was finally over and we’ve come back to Japan in safety.
During the tour, we gained the most precious experiences
we had ever done before in our music career.
We really appreciate!
Thank you so much, RTOC!

at the Narita Airport when we’ve just arrived in Japan



San Jose , CA

So yesterday was a sad day for us, because Bullet for my Valentine had to drop off the tour and so yesterday's show in San Jose was the final one of the tour.
I still don't know the reasons why,but i hope all goes well for them,and i had a great time with those guys, still, i am very sad to see them go. Still, these guys have been an inspiration to me and my band, and that is something i will always be thankful for.
So just before they departed, we all promised one another we would see each other again, until then, we will continue with the remaining days on our tour and look forward to rocking out until the very end.

Thank You, B4MV


Thank you!!! Corpus Christi!!!!

080404_ryo.jpgToday's venue in Corpus Christi, Texas was an outdoors Venue. This
has been the third time on this tour since we have played outdoors.
At first, the weather was bad. It was raining for the better part of the day, with strong winds which makes it difficult because of our equipment, but thankfully, by the time we were set to play the weather got better. So after our set was finished, we went over to do our signing and regardless of there being no rain, the wind was pretty strong and it was blowing our tent all over the place. Still, the show was awesome, and the crowd seemed to very excited which is always great. So now, we have less than two weeks before the tour finishes, but there are still great times to be had and still, i think, the best is yet to come!!!!
Thank you all so very much for your support and for coming out. Thank You!!


Signing!! in ORLANDO , FL

ryo.jpgToday we are in Orlando Florida and today's signing was a blast. I got to meet some awesome kids, who very happy to meet with us and thanked us for coming to America. I know that a lot of people don't know who we are, but the people in Orlando were very appreciative of our presence, and that of course made me happy, and also, the show, was a lot of fun to play. I want to thank all the people that came out, it is an experience i will never forget. Arigato!!!!!




080321_ryo.jpgThe show in Boston ended!!
It was very pleasant!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!! Boston!!!

The fan came from Japan.
I think... We are loved.

Thank you!!!!!!



080314_ryo.jpgToday was signing ,after show.
It was impressed because there were a lot of J-Rock fans.
There were a lot of people who had bought our CD.
I will devote myself so that the music that we make may spread to the
world more.

Thank you!!!!



080309_tal.jpgI am in Rochester, New York now.
Today is holiday.
Therefore, it has gone to the guitar center with the guitar list and
Miya of MUCC.
The photograph is TAL and Miya.


Live in Dayton!!

080307_ryo.jpgThe outside is a snowstorm when getting up in the morning. However,
the hall was after all hot.
The audience's reaction is also good, and I think transmitting.

The photograph is Egzebia that has adhered as a staff. It is a guitarist who is
younger than I one.
In the bus of the movement, it talks almost in English with him.
He is interested in Japanese, and is studying terribly.
Of course, his work is also early. It is reliable.

It will be Detroit tomorrow. It is the enjoyment.




ryo080229.jpgWe just finished the first stage of RSTOC tour!

This night was unforgettable for us all.
We are looking forward to meet many audiences in the states,
and we should become tougether and more enegetic after this tour.

See you soon!

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