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iDrumiPhone.jpgDo you know iDrum?
It's an application software for iPhone and iPod touch.
A maker named iZotope creats this and its productions are easy-to use,
so I often use them.
For this reason, I purchased the download version of this immediately.
It costs just 600Yen. Cheap, isn't it?
To explain briefly, it's a sequencer containing sound source of drums.
We can input data of drums by iPod touch, so don't you think it's a fantastic time?
This is the software to input by only the internal sound source, so it's impossible for sampling,
but the internal sound source is good as I expected!
It's on the enough level to use and simple to operate.
Of course, there is iDrum for Mac and Windows and it's compatible with Mac and Win version
and easy to use via Wi-Fi.
Such a nice software for killing time, isn't it?
There are lots of applications for iPhone & iPod touch like this, I'll try the other ones.
Sorry I'm a computer guy.

So talk to you later.